7.2 Copying Database Files from MySQL to PostgreSQL

  1. Install Archive and Version Services on an OES node in the cluster.

  2. Install Archive and Version Services on a a second OES node in the cluster.

  3. Using database migration tools, migrate the data in the MySQL database on NetWare to the PostgreSQL database on of the Linux nodes.

  4. Cluster migrate the shared NSS pool resource that contains the volumes that were being archived from the NetWare server to a Linux node.

  5. Remove the NetWare nodes from the cluster and finish the cluster conversion process.

  6. On the OES cluster, set up Archive and Version Services as described in Configuring Archive and Version Service for Novell Cluster Services in the OES 11 SP3: Novell Archive and Version Services Administration Guide.

  7. On the Linux node where the primary NSS pool resources are active, use the Clusters plug-in in iManager to create an Archive Versioning cluster resource.

  8. Copy the database files from the single-server location (/var/opt/novell/arkmanager/data) to the shared Linux POSIX volume that you created when you set up Archive and Version Services for clustering in Step 7.

    Use the cp -a command at a terminal console prompt to copy all files and retain the permissions.

  9. Change the ownership of the new database location on the shared volume by entering the following at a terminal console prompt:

    chown -R arkuser:arkuser_prggrp  /shared/datapath
  10. Edit the /etc/opt/novell/arkmanager/conf/arkdatadir.conf file to change the database location to new shared path.

  11. Edit the /opt/novell/arkmanger/bin/pg_restart.sh file to change the line that starts the PostgreSQL database to the following:

    su arkuser -c "postmaster -D /shared/datapath -h -p 5432 -i"
  12. Start Archive and Version Services by entering

    rcnovell-ark start

    You should see Archive and Version Services and the PostgreSQL database starting.