4.2 Preparing for CIFS Installation

4.2.1 Prerequisites

To properly install and configure CIFS, ensure that the following prerequisites are met:

  • CIFS users must have universal password enabled. For more information, see Deploying Universal Password in the Novell Password Management Administration Guide.

    The Universal Password includes the ability to create password policies. It also removes the need to maintain two separate passwords for CIFS users.

  • Samba and Novell CIFS can not run on the same system. Stop all of the running Samba daemons before installing CIFS. Use the following commands:

    • /etc/init.d/smb stop

    • /etc/init.d/nmb stop

4.2.2 Required eDirectory Rights and Permissions

Rights Needed for CIFS Install Time Administrator

The install administrator must have the following rights to add the Common Proxy user as a trustee of CIFS user contexts and NCP server object of the system where CIFS is being configured.

Target Object

Required Rights

User Contexts selected at install time.

Compare, Read, Write on ACL Attribute.

Local NCP Server object.

Compare, Read, Write on ACL Attribute.

Rights Needed for CIFS Proxy User

The CIFS Proxy user must have the following rights for the CIFS server to read and update CIFS server configuration in eDirectory.

Target Object

Required Rights

User Contexts (/etc/opt/novell/cifs/cifsctxs.conf file).

Inheritable Read and Compare on CN attribute.

Local NCP Server Object.

Read and Compare rights on [All Attribute Rights].

Supervisor rights on CIFS specific attributes listed below:

  • nfapCIFSServerName

  • nfapCIFSComment

  • nfapCIFSWorkGroup

  • nfapCIFSPDCName

  • nfapCIFSAuthent

  • nfapCIFSDialect

  • nfapCIFSDebug

  • nfapCIFSUnicode

  • nfapCIFSOpLocks

  • nfapCIFSAsync

  • nfapCIFSWalk

  • nfapCIFSPDCAddr

  • nfapCIFSWINSAddr

  • nfapCIFSAttach

  • nfapCIFSNDSUserContext

  • nfapCIFSUserContext

  • nfapCIFSShares

  • nfapCIFSDFS

  • nfapCIFSLoginScripts

  • nfapCIFSShareVolsByDefault

  • nfapCIFSDomainDN

  • nfapCIFSBeginRID

  • nfapCIFSEndRID

  • nfapCIFSPDCEnable

  • nfapCIFSSignatures

  • nfapLoginScript

  • nfapCIFSRID

  • nfapCIFSComment

  • nfapCIFSNextRID

  • nfapCIFSDomainSID

  • nfapCIFSPDC

  • nfapCIFSDCList

  • nfapCIFSDCGroup

  • nfapCIFSDomainEpoch

Rights Needed for CIFS Administrator

The CIFS administrator requires the following rights to manage the CIFS server.

Target Object

Required Rights

User Contexts being added for authentication.

Compare, Read, Write on ACL Attribute.