5.2 Planning for the Upgrade to OES 11 SP3

5.2.1 Be Sure to Check the Readme

The Before You Install section documents issues that Novell plans to address in a future release.

5.2.2 Always Upgrade SLES and OES at the Same Time

You must upgrade SLES and OES at the same time.

5.2.3 Understanding the Implications for Other Products Currently Installed on the Server

OES 2 Server Upgrades: Non-OES 2 Packages Are Retained but Might Not Work After Upgrading

During the upgrade process from earlier OES 2 releases to OES 11 SP3, packages that are not part of the SLES 11 SP4 and OES 11 SP3 distributions are automatically retained unless you select them for deletion.

This includes third-party products you have installed, as well as other Novell products such as GroupWise, ZENworks, and Identity Manager.

There is no guarantee that these products will continue to work after you upgrade. Therefore, it is critical that you check the product documentation for compatibility information before you upgrade servers with any Novell product installed.

For Information About This Novell Product

See This Documentation


GroupWise online documentation


ZENworks online documentation

Identity Manager

Identity Management online documentation

Other products

All Novell online documentation

If you have installed a third-party product, ensure that it is supported on SLES 11 SP4 and follow the upgrade instructions that should be included with it.