2.8 Preparing Physical Media for a New Server Installation or an Upgrade

To prepare physical media for an installation or upgrade, you must first download ISO image files and then burn the DVDs that you need for your server. Detailed download instructions are available in Getting and Preparing OES 11 SP3 Software in the OES 11 SP3: Planning and Implementation Guide.

Table 2-6 lists the image files you need.

Table 2-6 Files to Download


Files needed

64-bit server with DVD drive

  • SLES 11 SP4 DVD ISO (SLES-11-SP4-DVD-x86_64-GM-DVD1.iso)

  • OES 11 SP3 DVD ISO (OES11-SP3-addon-x86_64-DVD1.iso)

  • Integrated ISO that has SLES 11 SP4 and OES 11 SP3 (OES11-SP3-addon_with_SLES11-SP4-x86_64-DVD.iso)

These ISO files can be downloaded from the OES 11 SP3 download page .

  1. Download the ISO files you need for your hardware capabilities.

  2. Ensure that the checksum of the files you have downloaded are the same as those specified on the download page. To get the checksum, use the md5sum <file name> command.

  3. Insert a blank, writable DVD into your DVD burner.

  4. Select the option to create a DVD from an image file.

  5. Select ISO as the file type.

  6. Select the first image file (see Table 2-6) from the location you downloaded it to.

  7. Complete the DVD creation process.

  8. Label the disk.

  9. Repeat this process for each of the ISO image files you downloaded.