4.10 Uninstalling the Novell iPrint Client

4.10.1 Uninstalling the Linux iPrint Client

You can remove the Linux iPrint Client RPM from a terminal prompt. Depending on whether a high-security (sh) or low-security (sl) Client, use one of the following commands:

rpm -e novell-iprint-xclient-sh

rpm -e novell-iprint-xclient-sl

NOTE:You need to delete the printers manually after uninstalling the Linux iPrint Client on the workstation. For more information, refer Section 4.2.4, Uninstalling iPrint Printers.

4.10.2 Uninstalling the Macintosh iPrint Client

You can uninstall iPrint from your workstation.

  1. Select Go > Computer > Applications > iPrint Uninstallation.

  2. Double-click iPrint Uninstallation.

  3. Click Yes to uninstall the iPrint Client.

4.10.3 Uninstalling the Windows iPrint Client

To remove the Novell iPrint Client, use the Add or Remove Programs option in the Windows Control Panel.

NOTE:When you uninstall the Windows iPrint Client, all iPrint printers are removed from the workstation.