11.5 Viewing SMBIOS Information

Clicking the SMBIOS Information link under the Manage Hardware heading in the navigation frame displays the SMBIOS Information page. On this page, you can view details about the BIOS hardware in each host without physically removing the hardware cover. You also have access to information that is available only through the management system.

Each link shows the type of device that is available in the BIOS of the host computer.

You might see information types such as the following. The types displayed vary depending on the hardware in your system.

  • BIOS

  • System

  • Base Board

  • System Enclosure or Chassis

  • Processor

  • Cache

  • Port Connector

  • System Slots

  • On Board Device

  • OEM Strings

  • BIOS Language

  • System Event Log

  • Physical Memory Array

  • Memory Device

  • Memory Array Mapped Address

  • Memory Device Mapped Address

  • Hardware Security

  • System Boot

Selecting an information type displays information contained within SMBIOS for the type selected. For example, to see all the BIOS information, click the BIOS Information link. See Figure 11-5.

Figure 11-5 Example SMBIOS and BIOS Information Pages