25.2 Migrating FTP to OES 11 SP3

This section describes how to migrate FTP from an OES 2 SP3 or OES 11 environment to OES 11 SP3.

Before you proceed with the migration, review Section 25.2.1, Prerequisites. In this section, the source server refers to an OES 2 SP3 or OES 11 server and the target server refers to an OES 11 SP3 server.

25.2.1 Prerequisites

25.2.2 What Is Migrated

  • Configuration file and script

25.2.3 Migration Procedure

Same Tree Migrations with Identity Transfer

Perform the following procedures on the target server:

  1. Copy the /etc/pure-ftpd/pure-ftpd.conf file from the source server.

    NOTE:If the migration is being performed on a cluster setup, copy the pure-ftpd.conf file on the shared volume of the cluster.

  2. Run the /opt/novell/pure-ftpd/novell-pure-ftpd-config.sh script. This will update the pure-ftpd.conf file with the new parameters added in OES 11 SP3.

  3. Remove the LD_PRELOAD statement from the /etc/init.d/pure-ftpd file, if present.

  4. Restart pure-ftpd using the rcpure-ftpd restart command.

Same Tree Migrations without Identity Transfer

  1. Execute steps Step 1 to Step 3 in the previous section.

  2. Update the IP address of the target server for ForcePassiveIP and Bind parameters in the pure-ftpd.conf file.

  3. Update DefaultHomeDirectoryServer if it refers to the IP of the source server.