2.5 Domain Services for Windows

2.5.1 Configuring eDirectory on a Non-Default Port Affects the Installation of DSfW in a Name‑Mapped Scenario

If an existing eDirectory is configured on a non-default port, the DSfW installation in a name‑mapped scenario fails.

Micro Focus plans to fix this issue in a future OES release.

2.5.2 DSfW Does Not Support Creation of DNS Zone in a Custom Location

DSfW does not allow the creation of a DNS zone outside the OESSystemObjects container under the domain root. However, if there is an existing DNS zone with the same name as the DSfW domain name that is currently configured anywhere in the tree, then the existing DNS zone can be used in DSfW configuration.

Micro Focus plans to fix this issue in a future OES release.

2.5.3 Joining SLED or SLES 11 SP1 or SP2 Client to OES 11 SP3 DSfW Server Fails with RPC Logon Failure

When you attempt to join a SLED or SLES 11 SP1 or SP2 client to an OES 11 SP3 DSfW server, you must specify the user login name as <DOMAIN>\Administrator. If you specify only Administrator, you will receive an RPC logon failure message.

Micro Focus plans to fix this issue in a future OES release.

2.5.4 Issues in Using iManager and MMC Interchangeably to Add Users in a Mixed OES (non-DSfW) and DSfW Environment

Novell recommends that you use only iManager to add users in a mixed OES (non-DSfW) and DSfW environment. If you use iManager or MMC interchangeably to add users, some of the attributes of DSfW users or groups created using MMC will not match with those created using iManager.

Micro Focus plans to fix this issue in a future OES release.

2.5.5 DSfW Interoperability Issues

IMPORTANT:The following list is provided for your convenience. Do not consider the list as complete. Be sure to consult the documentation of other products for information on interoperability issues with DSfW.

ZENworks Endpoint Security Management 3.5

On an OES 11 SP3 server with DSfW installed, the Endpoint Security Management utility fails on all DSfW server ports.

Micro Focus has no current plans to change this.

Desktop Director Fails to List Domain Users

In Citrix XenDesktop 7.1, the Desktop Director fails to list the domain users in the search tab when integrated with DSfW. This limitation restricts the enterprise administrators from monitoring the users in Desktop Director.

2.5.6 Moving a DSfW Server to a Different Site Results in an Error Message

When you move the DSfW server from one site to another, you might receive the following error message:

Windows cannot move object DSFW-SERVER because: There is no such object on the server.

This is because of the latency during the movement operation. You can ignore this message. This does not affect the movement of the DSfW server to the destination site.

Micro Focus has no plans to fix this issue, because this issue pertains to the functionality of the MMC (Active Directory Sites and Services) snap-in tool.

2.5.7 Remote Desktop Access to a Workstation Fails with Lowercase Characters in Domain Names

If you access a workstation joined to a DSfW domain using remote desktop, ensure that you specify the domain name using only uppercase characters. If you specify the domain name in lowercase characters, the remote desktop access will fail. This issue exists in all Windows platforms except Windows XP.

Micro Focus plans to fix this issue in a future OES release.