11.2 Exploring the Default Search and Print Templates

QuickFinder Server includes several default templates used to create search forms and to format, display, and print search results for users.

You can use the templates as they are or you can modify them to look and feel how you want them to. You can also create as many additional templates as you need or replace the default templates with your own templates.

QuickFinder includes the following template categories:

The templates are stored in /var/lib/qfsearch/Templates.

11.2.1 Search Page Templates

QuickFinder includes two search page templates that are used to generate a search page:

Table 11-1 Search Page Templates

Template Name



Lets users select a variety of options when performing searches. This is the default search template used by QuickFinder Server.


Similar to SearchTemplate.html, except that this template contains no dynamic indexes.

11.2.2 Search Result Templates

QuickFinder includes several ready-made result templates:

Table 11-2 Search Results Templates

Template Name



Formats and organizes search results and offers additional sorting functions to the user.


Indicates when no hits are found during a search and offers users a chance to refine their search.


Similar to ResultListTemplate but returns less information, such as dates and titles only.


Similar to ResultListTemplate, but returns more information, such as file date, time, and language. Additional sort options are also provided.

11.2.3 Print Result Templates

From the search results page, users have the option of printing all files matching their search or only those files displayed on the current search results page. When one of these options is selected, the print result templates are displayed:

Table 11-3 Print Results Templates

Template Name



Combines the full contents of each of the files in the print request into a single document, which is then displayed in the user’s Web browser. A dynamic table of contents is also created.

When the entire content is downloaded to the browser, the browser’s print dialog box appears.


Indicates when no documents are found during a print request.

11.2.4 Error and Response Message Templates

QuickFinder Server includes error and response message templates that are returned when an error occurs or when information is needed from the user.

The default response message template is returned to convey a specific message to the user such as “Print job exceeds recommended size limits,” typically returned when a user attempts to print more content than the Web administrator has allowed.

The error and response message templates are found at /var/lib/qfsearch/Templates/ErrorMessageTemplate.html and ResponseMessageTemplate.html.