11.6 Modifying the Target Location

The junction can point to the root of a target volume or to a directory on it. You can change the target location to any NSS volume or NCP volume in any existing DFS management context in the same tree as the NSS volume that contains the junction. Users must be using the Novell Client if you target an NCP volume.

  1. In iManager, click Distributed File Services > Modify Junction.

  2. Browse to locate and select the junction you want to manage.

  3. Verify that the trustees and trustee rights for the current target location are the settings you want the location to have after you modify the junction’s target path.

    1. Click Target Rights.

    2. Review the Visibility Rights, Trustees, and Trustee rights and make changes if needed.

    3. If you modify the trustees or trustee rights, click OK or Apply to save your changes.

  4. Click Junction Properties. If necessary, repeat Step 1 and Step 2 to return to the Junction Properties page.

  5. On the Junction Properties page under Target, browse to find the NSS volume in an existing DFS management context where the data actually resides.

  6. In the Target Path dialog box, leave the Path empty to point to the root of the selected volume, or specify the path relative to the selected volume, such as dir1\dir2.

    If the specified directory path does not exist, this process does not create it for you. Cancel this process, create the directory path that you want to use at the target location, then try again to create a junction.

  7. Click OK or Apply to save the Target Path changes.

  8. Configure trustee rights as needed:

    • Click Junction Rights, then configure the trustee rights for the junction.

    • Click Target Rights, then configure the trustee rights for the new target location.

    IMPORTANT:To avoid file visibility and security issues, make sure to verify the file system trustee rights on both the junction and target location.

    For information, see Table 11-3.

  9. Click OK or Apply to save the changes to trustee rights.

    IMPORTANT:The changes you make are queued but are not applied until you save the changes. If you leave the Modify Junction page without saving, the changes you see on-screen are cancelled.