6.2 Planning Your Migration in a DFS Management Context

6.2.1 Supported Migration Platforms

The migration procedures support migration from NetWare 6.5 SP8 to OES 11 SP3.

6.2.2 System Credential Requirements

  • The administrator user must have file system trustee rights for the NetWare and Linux servers involved in the migration.

  • All iManager tasks are run with the administrator’s Novell eDirectory credentials (username and password) for the servers.

  • All terminal console commands on the Linux server are run as the root user or user with equivalent Linux rights.

6.2.3 Supported Migration Scenarios

It is the nature of Novell Distributed File Services that junctions and the VLDB service reside within the same tree. This means that you cannot use migration procedures that are described in this section for moving data and VLDB services across eDirectory trees. Supported migration scenarios are:

  • Migrating VLDB services between servers in the same DFS management context.

  • Migrating nonencrypted NSS volumes between servers in the same DFS management context, using the DFS Move Volume and Split Volume tasks.

    If an NSS volume that you want to migrate is not currently in a DFS management context, you must create a new DFS management context in the eDirectory tree that includes both the NetWare server and the Linux server. The servers must reside in the same DFS management context until the move or split process is complete.

    We strongly advise against using the Move Volume and Split Volume tasks for encrypted NSS volumes because the data is not secure in the new location. For more information, see Section 9.5.2, Moving or Splitting Encrypted NSS Volumes.