11.3 Modifying a Shadow Volume Policy

You can modify a shadow volume policy at any time. For example, if the planned migration activity for a policy is not completed in the allowed time, you can adjust the policy run times and frequency until it meets your workload needs. Modified policies take effect the next time the policy runs, and do not affect currently running processes.

  1. In Novell Remote Manager for Linux, select View File System, then select Dynamic Storage Technology Options to open the Dynamic Storage Technology Options page.

    DST Policies List
  2. In the list of Dynamic Storage Technology Policies, click the Name link for the policy in order to view and modify the individual settings for the policy.

  3. On the View/Edit Shadow Volume Policy page, view and modify the policy settings.

    For information about policy settings, see Section 11.1, Understanding Shadow Volume Policy Options.

  4. Specify the Command Status as Active or Inactive.

    A policy’s state must be active in order for it to run.

  5. If you want the policy changes to be enforced sooner than the next scheduled run, select Execute Now in the Frequency area.

    If the policy is not currently running, the policy runs within a few minutes after you click Submit in Step 6.

    If the policy is currently running, the updated policy does not run until the current run stops. That means the updated policy process is triggered within a few minutes after the currently running process completes or reaches the scheduled End Time.

  6. If you make any changes, you must click Submit (at the bottom of the page) in order for the changes to take effect at the next scheduled run.