13.10 Known Issues for Working with Cluster Resources for Linux POSIX Volumes

This section describes known issues for working with EVMS.

13.10.1 Dismount Volumes before Onlining a Comatose Resource

If a Linux POSIX volume resource goes comatose, you must verify that the volume is not mounted on any node in the cluster before bringing the resource online again. Failure to do so might result in corruption.

WARNING:To avoid corruption, ensure that the Linux POSIX volume in a comatose resource is dismounted from any node before attempting to online it.

13.10.2 Cluster Services Must Be Running When Using EVMS

Novell Cluster Services must be running on all nodes in the cluster whenever you make any modifications to the cluster or cluster resources by using the EVMS management tools or the Clusters plug-in in iManager.

13.10.3 Close EVMS Utilities When They Are Not In Use

The EVMS management utilities (evms, evmsn, evmsgui) lock the EVMS engine while running, potentially blocking other EVMS-related actions from taking place. This affects NSS pool and volume actions and Linux POSIX volume actions.

Do not run the EVMS management utilities when they are not being actively used. Do not concurrently open multiple instances of the utilities. Do not open the utilities when using NSSMU or the Clusters or Storage plug-ins for iManager.

13.10.4 Do Not Migrate Resources When EVMS Tools Are Running

Cluster resources for NSS pools and Linux POSIX volumes should not be migrated while the EVMS management utilities (evms, evmsn, and evmsgui) are running.