10.3 Creating Cluster Resources

Cluster resources must be created for every shared file system or server that you run on servers in your cluster. Cluster resources can include Web sites, email servers, databases, and any other server-based applications or services you want to make available to users at all times.

  1. Start your Internet browser and enter the URL for iManager.

    The URL is http://server_ip_address/nps/imanager.html. Replace server_ip_address with the IP address or DNS name of a server in the cluster or with the IP address for Apache-based services.

  2. Enter your user name and password.

  3. In the left column, click Clusters, then click the Cluster Options link.

    iManager displays four links under Clusters that you can use to configure and manage your cluster.

  4. Browse to locate and select the Cluster object of the cluster you want to manage, then click the New link.

  5. Specify Resource as the resource type you want to create by clicking the Resource radio button, then click Next.

  6. Specify the name of the resource you want to create.

    NOTE:Do not use periods in cluster resource names. Novell clients interpret periods as delimiters. If you use a space in a cluster resource name, that space is converted to an underscore.

  7. In the Inherit From Template field, specify one of the available templates, such as the Generic_FS_Template.

    For information about cluster resource templates, see Section 10.2, Using Cluster Resource Templates.

  8. Select the Define Additional Properties check box, then click Next.

  9. If you are creating a new cluster resource, continue with Configuring a Load Script for a Cluster Resource.