12.1 AFP Login Issues

12.1.1 Cannot See the Login Dialog Box

Cause: This error is displayed when the firewall is enabled on the AFP server.

Action: To resolve this problem, use YaST to stop the firewall or set the firewall to allow connections from the client on TCP port 548.

12.1.2 AFP User Login to a Macintosh 10.5 Client Fails With a Connection Failed Error

Action: This problem can be resolved by assigning appropriate access rights to the AFP user. The AFP user needs access permission to at least one of the volumes exported from the AFP server to resolve this issue.

12.1.3 Invalid Username and Password Error

Action: If the credentials you have entered are correct, verify whether the afpdircxt.conf file has the context information for AFP users.The AFP server requires valid context information to resolve the typeless name user login.