12.5 Log Messages

This section describes some commonly encountered log file messages and provides suggestions for resolving them.

12.5.1 NWDSResolveName failed to resolve supplied name <user name>

Cause: During login, the AFP server requires an eDirectory context to build an FQDN for the username. This error message is logged when there is no matching context for the username.

Action: To resolve this error, review the eDirectory contexts, using the details in Configuring Context Details.

12.5.2 zOpen on volume <VOLUME_NAME> failed

Cause: This error message is seen when you attempt to log in to a Macintosh 10.5 machine without appropriate rights to the volumes.

Action: To resolve this error, use iManager to set rights for the volumes.

12.5.3 zAFPCountByScanDir: scandir failed

Cause: This error occurs if the number of open files limit exceeds the ulimit maximum for open files.

Action: To resolve this error, either increase the ulimit for open files (using command ulimit -n <value>) or close some of the open files ensuring that the number of open files does not exceed the ulimit value.