10.2 CIFS Installation and Configuration Issues

10.2.1 CIFS is Not Coming Up After Installation

Description: CIFS status is listed as stopped after a successful installation.

Cause: CIFS may be installed as standalone after installing Open Enterprise Server (OES) 2 SP3 Linux.

Action: Restart the OES 2 SP3 server for the installation and configuration settings to take effect.

If this step does not bring up the CIFS server, refer TID 7009704 for details on resolving this issue.

10.2.2 CIFS Stops After Installation and Throws an Error 669, “schema not extended

Cause: Proxy user credentials in the credential store (file/CASA) are not stored correctly.

Action: Reconfigure CIFS proxy user.

10.2.3 CIFS Is Not Running With Samba

Description: CIFS server does not come up if the Samba server is running.

Cause: CIFS cannot coexist with samba daemons.

Action: Login to the OES Linux Server as root. Use the following commands to stop the Samba daemons and restart the CIFS server.

  • rcsmb stop

  • rcnmb stop

  • rcnovell-cifs start

10.2.4 CIFS Server Broadcasts the Browser Packets every Twelve Minutes

Cause: It is designed to broadcast every twelve minutes.

Action: An entry with the NetBIOS Name and the respective server IP address in LMHOSTS file must be present on Windows client machine or WINS should be configured for both the server and the client.