10.5 CIFS Migration Issues

10.5.1 After Migration, CIFS is Not Running

Description: Migration is complete. However, CIFS is not running.

Cause: Configuration settings are not updated on the OES2 SP3 server.

Action: Restart OES2 SP3 server on the target server for migration to be effective.

10.5.2 Different Tree Migration Is Not Available in the Migration Tool

Description: The Different Tree scenario is not supported in the Migration Tool.

Action: Use the following workaround:

  1. Migrate the File System from the source server to the target server, using the Different Tree scenario.

    For detailed information see, Migrating Data to a Server in a Different Tree in the OES 2 SP3: Migration Tool Administration Guide.

  2. Reconfigure CIFS by using YaST on the target server.

    For detailed YaST configuration steps, see Section 4.2, Installing and Configuring a CIFS Server through YaST.