10.3 CIFS Log In Issues

10.3.1 CIFS Does Not Log In and Throws “Password has expired” Error in the Log File

Error: Password has expired.

Cause: Password expiry is set for security purposes. The password has expired.

Action: Reset the password and try to log in again.

10.3.2 Enabling the Subtree Search After an Upgrade Results in an Authentication Failure

Error: Authentication Failure.

Cause: While enabling subtree search after an upgrade (using novcifs -y yes option), the container level rights are not assigned by default to the proxy user. Due to this user authentication fails after the upgrade.

Action: To resolve this issue, reconfigure cifs using the yast2 novell-cifs or add the contexts using iManager to the cifsctxs.conf file. This way the cifs proxy user gets the required rights over these contexts and authentication will be successful.