5.7 Subtree Search

A subtree search or contextless login enables CIFS to search for a user in the entire base context of a tree.The subtree search setting that is saved in the cifs.conf file stays persistent even if the system or service is restarted.

5.7.1 Prerequisites

To use the subtree search feature, the CIFS proxy user should have read rights for the base context. These rights are assigned automatically from iManager when the context is added.

5.7.2 Enabling a Subtree Search

After you have finished installing CIFS, start the CIFS server and enable the subtree search by using the following command:

novcifs -y yes

To disable the subtree search, use the novcifs -y no command.

You can choose to enable or disable the subtree search before the user starts connecting to the CIFS server.

5.7.3 Subtree Search in a Cluster Setup

A subtree search can be configured only at a physical server or node level. In a cluster setup, each node should be configured with the same configuration level for consistent behavior.

NOTE:The time taken for the LDAP search to be completed depends on the WAN link and on the number of user replicas in the tree.

5.7.4 Subtree Search Persistence

The subtree search setting is saved in the cifs.conf file and is persistent even after the CIFS server or node is restarted.