10.6 CIFS General Issues

10.6.1 Junction Target Changes Require DFSUTIL Command Execution to Clear the Cache

Cause: The Windows client caches junction locations when it starts. If you modify the junction target location, the client continues to point to the old junction target path.

Action: To refresh the Windows environment, do the following:

  1. Download the DFSUTIL utility from the Microsoft download site.

  2. Disconnect from the mapped drive and clear the cache using the following DFSUTIL commands:

  3. Map to the drive again.

10.6.2 Unable to Access DFS Junctions on a Novell CIFS Share from Windows Client

Cause: The Windows client and the Novell CIFS server might be on a different subnet.

Action: Add an entry with the CIFS server IP address and the NetBIOS name at C:\WINDOWS\system32\drivers\etc\hosts.

10.6.3 The Mac Client does not Display a Complete List of Available Shares

Cause: The CIFS server allows the Mac clients to map shares that have sharenames exceeding 12 chars, however, the CIFS server does not respond to the NetShareEnum request if the client uses a older version of NetShareEnum verb to get the list of all available shares.

Though the LANMAN protocol authenticates the trustees of the share, it will not list the share if the sharename exceeds 12 characters.

Action: It is recommended to specify the share name less than or equal to 12 characters.