12.6 Generating and Viewing Server Reports

Running Server Comparison reports on a group of servers can help you in determine which servers need to be updated or have configurations changed, why operations on that server might be sluggish, or which servers are receiving the most action.

In this release, you can run only one report, the Compare Server Up Time Report.

12.6.1 Compare Server Up Time Report

Run this report to see which servers might need replacing or tuning to keep them running longer. This report gives you an idea how long each server in the group has been running without being restarted.

  1. Build the monitor group or select a group previously saved.

    See Building and Configuring a Monitoring Group or Accessing an Existing Group.

  2. Right-click the customized Group page.

  3. Click NRM Reports & Operation.

  4. Click Compare Server Up Times.

    A report similar to the following is returned.

    Example Server Up Time Report