4.1 Prerequisites

The Migration Tool is installed as part of the Open Enterprise Server (OES) 2 SP3 installation. The source server and the target server must meet the requirements outlined in this section.

4.1.1 Source Server Requirements

The source server is a NetWare server or OES 1 or OES 2 server that contains the files, volumes, and eDirectory objects to be copied to the target server.

  • The source server must be running supported versions of NetWare, OES 1 or OES 2, and eDirectory.

  • Update the source server with the latest NetWare Support Pack.

  • Ensure that the user performing the migration has read/write/access rights on the source server.

4.1.2 Target Server Requirements

4.1.3 Unsupported Target Platforms

Novell does not support the following as Migration Tool target server:

  • Novell Open Workgroup Suite - Small Business Edition