3.6 Planning the eDirectory Deployment

Your NetIQ eDirectory solution for each cluster must consider the following configuration elements. Your approach should be consistent across all clusters.

3.6.1 Object Location

Cluster nodes and Cluster objects can exist in any container in the eDirectory tree. The Virtual Server object for the cluster and the objects for cluster resources are automatically created in the eDirectory context of the server where the cluster resource is created and cluster-enabled.

IMPORTANT:You should create cluster resources on the master node of the cluster.

3.6.2 Cluster OU Context

Before you create a new cluster, use iManager to create an OU container for the cluster, and use the OU container for the Cluster objects and Server objects.

3.6.3 Cluster OU Partitioning and Replication

Partition the Cluster OU, replicate it to dedicated eDirectory servers that are holding a replica of the parent partition, and replicate it to all cluster nodes. This helps prevent resources from being stuck in an NDS Sync state when a cluster resource’s configuration is modified.

If you do not want to put a replica of eDirectory on the node, you must configure one or multiple LDAP servers for the node to use. The LDAP servers must have a master replica or a Read/Write replica of eDirectory. For information about how to modify the LDAP server list that is used by a cluster, see Section 8.13.1, Changing the Administrator Credentials or LDAP Server IP Addresses for a Cluster.