10.6 Purging Deleted Files from an NSS Volume

Deleted files might be available for salvage on NSS volumes where the Salvage attribute is enabled. Purging deleted files permanently removes them from the volume. Purged files cannot be salvaged.

10.6.1 Using NCPCON to Purge Deleted Files

The purge volume command in NCPCON purges deleted files from an NSS volume on Linux. This command works only with NSS volumes.

  1. Open a terminal console on the Linux server you want to manage, then log in as the root user.

  2. Use one of the following methods to purge an NCP volume:

    • At the terminal console prompt, enter ncpcon to open the NCPCON utility, then enter

      purge volume ncp_volume_name
    • At a terminal console prompt, enter

      ncpcon purge volume ncp_volume_name

      For example, to purge all deleted files on an NSS volume vol1, enter

      ncpcon purge volume vol1

    Replace ncp_volume_name with the name of the NSS volume where you want to purge all deleted files. Volume names are not case sensitive.

10.6.2 Using Management Tools to Purge Deleted Files

You can purge and salvage (or undelete) NSS files on your Linux server by using the following tools: