9.4 Viewing Connections for NCP Server

9.4.1 Using OES Remote Manager to View Connections

  1. In OES Remote Manager, click Manage NCP Services > Manage Connections to open the Connection Manager page.

    The Connection Manager page reports the Connection Information and Connection Listing.

  2. (Optional) Sort the Connection Listing by clicking the Sort icon Sort Icon in the column heading of the information of interest.

    The default sort order is by stations. The current sort order is indicated by the Sorted By icon Sorted By Icon in the column heading. The Login Time heading sorts from the least recent to the most recent.

  3. (Optional) Click the Name link for a specific connection to view more details about it.

9.4.2 Using NCPCON to View Connections

  1. Open a terminal console, then log in as the root user.

  2. At the terminal console prompt, enter the following to open the NCP Server Console (ncpcon(8)) utility:

  3. At the NCPCON prompt, do any of the following:

    • Get the Connection Information report by entering

    • Get the Connection Listing report by entering

      connection list
    • Get the Detailed Connection Information report for a specific connection by entering

      connection connection_number

      Replace connection_number with the station number of the connection of interest. You can find the connection number by viewing the connection listing.