9.8 Clearing Connections to NCP Server

You might need to clear connections for one or multiple users. For example, if a user’s workstation quits working, it usually leaves its connection to the server open and might also leave files open. You can clear the user’s connection to allow the open files to close.

9.8.1 Using OES Remote Manager to Clear NCP Connections

  1. In OES Remote Manager, click Manage NCP Services > Manage Connections to open the Connections Manager page.

  2. Scroll down to view the connections in the Connection Listing report.

  3. (Optional) Sort the list by clicking the Sort icon Sort Icon in the column heading of interest.

  4. Review the connections to determine which ones you want to clear.

  5. (Optional) Click the Name link for a specific connection to view more details about it. From this page, you can click the Clear Connection link, or click Back to Connections to return to the Connection Manager page.

  6. Select the check box next to each specific connection that you want to clear.

  7. Click Clear ALL Marked Connections.

9.8.2 Using NCPCON to Clear NCP Connections

  1. Open a terminal console, then log in as the root user.

  2. At the terminal console prompt, enter the following to open the NCP Server Console (ncpcon(8)) utility:

  3. Get the Connection Listing report by entering

    connection list
  4. Review the list to locate the connection number of the connection you want to clear.

  5. (Optional) Get the details connection information for a specific connection by entering

    connection connection_number
  6. Clear the connection by entering

    connection clear connection_number
  7. Clear all connections by entering

    connections clearALL