10.7 Monitoring the Health of the VLDB Service

To find the replica sites for a management context and view the status of VLDB service on them, use either iManager or scripts:

10.7.1 Using iManager

  1. In iManager, select Distributed File Services > Manage Replica Sites.

  2. Select any server with an NSS volume that is located in the DFS management context that you want to manage.

    This action locates the DFS management context, lists the replica servers in that context that host its VLDB service, and reports the current status of the VLDB service on each replica.

    • Name: The distinguished name of the O-level or OU-level container in the eDirectory tree that defines the selected DFS management context.

    • Replica Site: The distinguished names of the servers that host an instance of VLDB service for the selected management context. A management context can have one or two replica sites. Within the specified container, the server can be at any level that is not controlled by a lower-level management context.

    • State: The status of the currently running VLDB service on the replica site. See Table 10-1 for details.

    • Version: The build version of the VLDB service module that is running on the replica site.

The following table explains the status conditions for a VLDB service and possible actions:

Table 10-1 State of the VLDB Service




Possible Actions


The VLDB service is loaded and running.

Details, Repair, or Stop actions are possible.


The VLDB service is not loaded.

The VLDB service is stopped. After a VLDB repair finishes successfully, the VLDB service should automatically load and activate. If the activation fails, the VLDB service goes into a Stopped state.

Activate, Details, Repair, or Start actions are possible.


The VLDB service is initializing; please wait.

A VLDB repair is in progress; please wait.

After you start or activate the VLDB service, wait until the replica reports a different state to perform other tasks on that replica.

If you interrupt a VLDB repair while it is in progress, you must start over. It does not pick up where it left off.

Site Connection Failed

iManager could not connect to the replica site. The cause is unknown. This might occur if the connection path, server, or volume are offline at that time.

Use standard methods to verify the health of the replica server and paths in-between the iManager server and the replica server.


The reported state from the replica site is either null or a state that iManager does not recognize.

Use standard methods to verify the health of the replica server.

10.7.2 Using Script

  1. Log in to the VLDB replica server.

  2. Verify DFS using the command, systemctl status novell-dfs.service

  3. Verify VLDB status using the command, vldb status