16.13 Moving a Pool

You can move an NSS pool from one location to another on the same system. The pool remains active during this process. All the segments in the pool are consolidated and moved to the specified device(s). If a specified device is larger than the original device, the pool is automatically expanded on completion of the move job.

If a clustered pool is moved, on performing cluster resource migration the Move pool job is resumed on other node.

NOTE:You can use NSSMU or the NLVM command line option to move a pool. You cannot use iManager.

  1. In NSSMU, select Pools from the main menu.

  2. Select the pool that you want to move.

  3. Press M.

  4. Select the thick or thin device to which you want to move the pool, then press Ins/ENTER.

  5. Specify the partition size.

    You can select more than one device at a time. Repeat Step 4 and Step 5 for all the selected devices.

  6. (Optional) To remove a selected device from the list, select the device in the lower list and press Delete.

  7. (Optional) To change the partition size of a selected device, select the device in the lower list, press Ins/Enter; then modify the size for that device.

  8. Press F3 after configuring the devices.

    Pool Information displays the status of move pool as a percentage (%).

  9. Press F5 to refresh the status.

    In a cluster setup, the exact status of the pool move can be seen only on the node where the pool move job is in progress.

  10. When you select a pool in the Pools list, NSSMU looks at the pool's move status. If the move is not complete (<100%), NSSMU displays the percent complete. If the move is complete (100%), NSSMU finalizes the move by setting the pool to the new location and removing the original location after a confirmation.

    If the move is not complete, you can refresh the pool's display to cause NSSMU to check the move status again. For example, you can use any of these methods to refresh the display:

    • Select another pool, then re-select the pool being moved.

    • While viewing the page for the pool being moved, do a fast refresh by pressing the spacebar or by pressing F5.

For more information on using the NLVM command line option to move the pool, see Move in the OES 2018 SP2: NLVM Reference guide.