3.1 Overview of Password Policy Features

A password policy is a collection of administrator-defined rules that specify the criteria for creating and replacing end-user passwords. NMAS™ enables you to enforce password policies that you assign to users in Novell® eDirectory™.

Password policies can also include Forgotten Password Self-Service features, to reduce help desk calls for forgotten passwords. Another self-service feature is Reset Password Self-Service, which lets users change their passwords while viewing the rules the administrator has specified in the password policy. Users access these features through the iManager self-service console.

Most features of password management require Universal Password to be enabled. Ideally, you should also integrate the iManager self-service console into your existing company portal, if you have one, to give users easy access to Forgotten Password Self-Service and Reset Password Self-service. The iManager self-service console is available only with iManager 2.0.2.

You create password policies by using a wizard. In iManager, click Passwords > Password Policies > New. For more information on creating password policies, see Section 3.4, Creating Password Policies.

Consider the following before you implement password policies:

3.1.1 Universal Password

Using a password policy requires you to enable Universal Password for your users if you want to use advanced password rules, password synchronization, and many of the Forgotten Password features.

For information on deploying Universal Password, see Section 2.0, Deploying Universal Password.