1.6 Phase 4: Verifying the Forge Upgrade

This phase involves verifying proper operation of the appliance and removing the VM snapshot created for backup. Removal of the VM snapshot is strongly recommended because of its potential performance impact on Forge.

  1. In the Forge Web Interface, click Workloads.

  2. Resume all paused replication schedules: select a workload and click Resume Schedule.

    NOTE:For BBT workloads, block-based components should also be upgraded as needed. Click a workload on the Workloads page to display the protection details for that workload. If Forge detects that the block-based tools need to be upgraded, an Upgrade BBT Tools button is displayed at the bottom of the page. Click it to upgrade the tools. You can also upgrade the tools, as needed, from the Tasks page. Upgrading the BBT Tools will FORCE A REBOOT.

  3. Verify that replications are working properly. You can either wait for one to complete as scheduled or run one by clicking Run Replication. Check the status of replications in the Replication Status column.

  4. Remove the management VM snapshot that you took in Phase 2. It is recommended that you pause replication jobs during this step as described in Section 1.3, Phase 1: Preparing Forge for the Upgrade.

    1. In the VIC Inventory panel at the left, right-click the Forge Management VM (ForgeManagementConsole), then select Snapshot > Snapshot Manager.

    2. In the Snapshots window, click to highlight the backup snapshot you created and named in Phase 2, then click Delete. When prompted to confirm, click Yes.

    3. Click Close to close the snapshot manager.

      Depending on the size of the snapshot, the deletion might take up to an hour and might appear unresponsive at around 95% of completion. Please wait for the process to complete.

    4. Resume all paused replications as described in Step 2.

This completes Phase 4.