7.3 Prepare Replication

Problems or Messages


Authentication error when verifying the controller connection while setting up the controller on the source.

The account used to add a workload needs to be allowed by this policy. See Group Policy and User Rights.

7.3.1 Group Policy and User Rights

Refresh the policy immediately using gpudate /force (for Windows 2003/XP) or secedit /refreshpolicy machine_policy /enforce (for Windows 2000). Due to the way that Forge interacts with the source workload’s operating system, it requires the administrator account used to add a workload have certain user rights on the source machine. In most instances, these settings are defaults of group policy, however if the environment has been locked down, the below user rights assignments may have been removed:

  • Bypass Traverse Checking

  • Replace Process Level Token

  • Act as part of the Operating System

In order to verify that the above Group Policy settings have been set, you can run gpresult /v from the command line on the source machine, or alternatively RSOP.msc. If the policy has not been set, or has been disabled, it can be enabled through either the Local Security Policy of the machine, or through any of the Domain Group Policies being applied to the machine.