3.5 Importing a Workload into Forge

When bandwidth or time is an issue, you can perform an incremental synchronization between the replicated workload and the protected workload instead of running a full workload replication. This means only the changes to the workload between replications need to be sent across your network.

But before this can happen, the initial fully replicated workload must exist on your Forge appliance, as a base.

Create a virtual machine of the source workload ( for example, by using PlateSpin Portability Suite) at the production site. Copy the files to a portable media ( such as a portable hard drive) and transport it to the disaster recovery site. At the site, attach the media to a workstation that has network access to Forge.

To import a workload VM:

NOTE:If the VMware Infrastructure Client is already installed, skip to Step 3.

  1. From a workstation other than your Forge appliance, open a Web browser and navigate to the ESX Server’s IP address (the first IP address you configured when you set up your Forge appliance).

  2. Click the Download VMware Infrastructure Client link, then follow the instructions to download and install the software. Ignore any SSL warnings.

  3. On your Forge appliance, select Start > Programs > VMware > VMware Infrastructure Client.

  4. Log in, using the ESX Server’s IP address and the username/password you set up when the appliance was initially configured.

    The VIC Inventory UI is displayed.

  5. Click the Forge node in the Inventory panel.

  6. Click the Configuration tab.

  7. Click Storage under Hardware.

  8. Right-click the Forge datastore (Storage1) and select Browse Datastore from the pop-up menu.

    The Datastore Browser is displayed.

  9. Click the Datastore Upload icon in the toobar.

  10. Select Upload File from the pop-up menu.

    The Upload Items dialog box is displayed.

  11. Browse to your image file and click Open.

  12. Find your uploaded file in the Datastore window (you might need to scroll down to the bottom if there are many items).

  13. Right-click the uploaded file and select Add to Inventory from the pop-up menu.

  14. Specify a name for the uploaded VM if desired and click Next.

  15. Click Next again and then click Finish.

  16. Your image can now be found by Forge’s Application Host.

  17. Quit the VIC.

    From Forge, the uploaded image won’t show up until the next replication runs and the Application Host is refreshed. You can force a refresh by selecting Settings > Application Host > Refresh Host.

You can now add the workload to Forge. See Adding a Workload.