PlateSpin Migrate for Dell 8.1 Getting Started Guide

This document provides a focused information road map to Dell customers of PlateSpin® Migrate (part of PlateSpin® Portability Suite, formerly PlateSpin PowerConvert). It is designed to help you get started with the workload portability features of the software.

This text complements the PlateSpin® Portability Suite product documentation listed under Core Product Documentation and is not intended to replace it, except for information about licensing and supported configurations (migration source and target specifics).


For help with terms used in PlateSpin® Portability Suite documentation, see the Portability Suite Glossary section at the end of your User Guide or in the online help.


This text is intended for IT staff, such as data center administrators and operators, who use PlateSpin® Migrate in their ongoing workload portability projects.


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Core Product Documentation

The following is a list of product documentation accompanying PlateSpin® Portability Suite version 8.1.

Portability Suite 8.1.0 Release Notes

Provides late-breaking information, as well as information about known issues and suggested workarounds.

Portability Suite 8.1.0 Installation Guide

Provides information about installing, upgrading, and uninstalling the product.

Portability Suite 8.1.0 Configuration Guide

Provides information about licensing your product and managing license keys, setting up your network environment, and configuring your product’s default settings.

Portability Suite 8.1.0 User Guide

Provides information about using the product in your workload migration and protection projects.

Portability Suite 8.1.0 Integrated Help

All product documentation in compiled HTML help (CHM) format, integrated with the product.

Portability Suite 8.1.0 Online Documentation

All product documentation in WebHelp format for browser-based access over the Internet. This distribution should contain the latest updates at all times.

With the exception of the integrated help, you can access these publications at the PlateSpin® Portability Suite version 8.1 Documentation Web Site.

Useful Links

Technical Support

If you have purchased a Dell ProSupport contract, the PlateSpin® Migrate for Dell product offerings are covered under that agreement. If you do not have a ProSupport contract and want more information, contact your Dell sales representative.