2.2 Activating Your Product License

After PlateSpin Recon is purchased, PlateSpin sends an e-mail containing an activation code and product details. After installation, launch PlateSpin Recon and click Activate to launch the License Wizard. It prompts you to choose either online or offline activation.

2.2.1 Online Activation

Online activation requires Internet access. An activation code and the e-mail address that was used to download the product are also necessary.

NOTE:HTTP proxy might cause failures during online activation. Offline activation is recommended for users in HTTP proxy environments.

To activate the license online:

  1. Select the Online Activation option and click Next.

  2. Specify the e-mail address and activation code.

  3. Click Next to obtain the PlateSpin Recon license.

    The PlateSpin Recon Client obtains the required license via the Internet and activates the PlateSpin Recon Server.

2.2.2 Offline Activation

A user name, password, activation code, e-mail address, and hardware ID are required to get the license key file from the PlateSpin Activation site.

To activate the license offline:

  1. Select the Offline Activation option and click Next.

  2. When prompted, enter the PlateSpin Recon license key file location.

    The PlateSpin Recon Client activates the PlateSpin Recon Server based on the license key file.