3.4 Working with Groups

The Groups node contains user-defined collections of servers. Use groups to logically group servers by location, function, application, and so on. Groups can be created, deleted, and nested. Servers can belong to more than one group.

3.4.1 Creating a Group

  1. In the Data Center Explorer, right-click Groups and click Create Group.

    The Create Group dialog box is displayed.

  2. Type a Group Name.

  3. Click OK.

    The group is created and ready for servers to be copied to it.

3.4.2 Copying Servers to a Group

  1. Select one or more servers in the Data Center Explorer. Right-click the selection and click Copy to Group.

    You can also drag servers from under the All, Filtered or Sites node and drop them on an existing group to copy them to that group.

  2. Click the desired group on the submenu that is displayed.

    The server is displayed under the selected group in the Data Center Explorer.

3.4.3 Deleting a Server from a Group

  1. Right-click a server in the Data Center Explorer and click Delete.

    A confirmation dialog box is displayed.

  2. (Optional) Select Delete <server> and associated monitoring data from the database to permanently remove the monitoring data for the server when it is deleted from the group.

  3. Click Delete.

    You can also press the Del key.

    The server is removed from the group in the Data Center Explorer.