10.0 Reauthenticating Applications

SecureLogin Advanced Authentication (SLAA) allows you to reauthenticate an application against an AA device where SecureLogin is used in conjunction with SLAA or the Novell® NMAS™ infrastructure.

Use the procedure in this section if you have SLAA or NMAS in place against an application:

NOTE:For environments that use the Novell NMAS infrastructure, you can add the NMAS method in the Reauthentication Method value by providing a free text string from Novell.

  1. For information on accessing the Administrative Management utility see, Section 1.2, Starting the Administrative Management Utilities and, or, Section 1.3, Accessing the Single Sign-On Plug-In Through iManager.

  2. Click Applications. The Application pane is displayed.

  3. Double-click the application that you want to use for reauthentication.

  4. Click the Settings tab. The Settings Properties table is displayed.

  5. Set the value for Prompt for device reauthentication for this application to Yes.

  6. From the Reauthentication Method drop-down list, select the device that you will use for reauthentication. Click Any if you want the user to choose from any of the available methods.

    NOTE:This option is not available through the iManager SSO plug-in