13.5 Copying a Configuration Across Organizational Units

You can copy an object’s SecureLogin configuration to another object from the Distribution pane in the Administrative Management utility. This functionality replicates the SecureLogin configuration internally in the same directory tree.

NOTE:In the following example, the Development organizational unit SecureLogin environment is copied to the Finance organizational unit.

  1. Access the Administrative Management utility.

    For information on accessing the Administrative Management utility, see Section 1.2, Starting the Administrative Management Utilities and, or, Section 1.3, Accessing the Single Sign-On Plug-In Through iManager.

  2. Click Distribution. The Distribution pane is displayed.

  3. Click Copy. The Copy dialog box is displayed.

  4. Under Select SecureLogin Configuration, select or clear the appropriate check boxes.




    Copies, exports, or imports all configured application definitions, as displayed in the Applications pane.


    Copies, exports, or imports all credentials as displayed in the Logins pane, excluding passwords for copy settings and uninterrupted export/import.

    Password Policies

    Copies, exports, or imports password policies as displayed in the Password Policies Properties table


    Copies, exports, or imports all preferences manually set in the Preferences pane.

    Active Passphrase Question

    Provides users with a selection of passphrase questions. This option copies, exports, or imports only the passphrase question the user has responded to.

  5. In the Destination Object drop-down list, click the name of the object or type the full distinguished name in the box.

  6. Click Copy.

    If a predefined application or an application definition currently exists in the destination object, a confirmation message appears. It confirms or rejects the overwriting of the imported data.

  7. Click Yes or No as required.

    The selected SecureLogin configuration is copied across to the destination user object, organizational unit or container. A confirmation message appears, advising what information has been loaded to the destination object.

  8. Click OK.