4.1 Enabling an Application with Connectors

The Novell SecureLogin Yahoo* e-mail connector demonstrates how SecureLogin enables a standard application for single sign-on. If you do not have a Yahoo account, you can use a similar application, for example Hotmail*.

To use the Yahoo connector:

  1. Start your Web browser.

  2. Go to www.yahoo.com.

  3. Click Mail.

    Novell SecureLogin detects the Yahoo login screen, executes the Yahoo connector, and displays a dialog box confirming that a password field is detected.

  4. Click Yes.

  5. In the Enter Your User ID Information dialog box, specify your Yahoo username and password, then click OK. Novell SecureLogin automatically enters your login credentials, activates the Sign In button, and logs you in to your Yahoo account.

    If the username or password entered is incorrect, a dialog box displays, requesting that you enter the correct credentials. Enter the correct credentials, then click OK.

    Novell SecureLogin saves your credentials and uses them to automatically log you in to your account every time you want to access the Yahoo account.

  6. (Optional) Test logging in and out of Yahoo. Click Sign Out, then click Yes.

    1. Click Sign Out.

    2. Click Yes.

      Novell SecureLogin enters your credentials to log you back in to your Yahoo e-mail account.

      If the login is not successful, delete the Novell SecureLogin connector by using Manage Logins. Repeat the Step 1 through Step 5.