4.3 The Novell SecureLogin Icon

The Novell SecureLogin icon appears on the workstation’s notification area (system tray) and provides quick access to common functions in the management utilities and wizards.

Table 4-2 Novell SecureLogin Icon Status



Novell SecureLogin is active.

The Novell SecureLogin icon appears on the notification area as .

Novell SecureLogin is inactive.

The Novell SecureLogin icon appears on the notification area as .

NOTE:In this case, the Novell SecureLogin does not perform single sign-on functions such as decrypting and passing credentials to applications.

Following are the options that are available by right-clicking the Novell SecureLogin icon on the notification area.

Table 4-3 Novell SecureLogin Icon Menu Options



Add Applications

Launches the Add Application Wizard.

Manage Logins

Launches the Personal Management utility.

New Login

Launches the Add New Login Wizard.


Has some advanced Novell SecureLogin management options.

See Table 4-4.


Displays a check () mark when Novell SecureLogin is active on the workstation.


Displays information about Novell SecureLogin and your system.

Log Off User

Allows you to shut down all programs, including Novell SecureLogin, and log out the user from the workstation.


Closes Novell SecureLogin on the workstation.

Following are the options available on the Advanced menu:

Table 4-4 Novell SecureLogin Advanced Menu Options



Change Preferences

Launches the Personal Management utility with the Preferences properties table displayed.

Change Passphrase

Displays the Passphrase dialog box. It enables users to change their passphrase answer.

Refresh Cache

Manually executes the synchronization of data between the local cache and directory data.

Backup User Information

Enables local workstation settings.

This includes credentials that can be saved as an XML file.

Restore User Information

Enables the XML file that is backed up to be restored in the local workstation single sign-on cache.

Work Offline / Work Online

Toggles between offline and online network access.

Displays whether the user is connected to the network or not.

NOTE:This is not displayed in standalone mode.

It is necessary to manually select this option because this is automated in Novell SecureLogin.