3.1 The Novell SecureLogin Management Utilities

Table 3-1 Novell SecureLogin Management Utilities

Use This Utility

To Manage These Users

Administrative Management utilities

Centrally in a directory environment at the user object, Group Policy, Container, or the Organizational Unit (OU) level.

For more information, see Section 4.2, The Administrative Management Utilities.

The administrative management utility includes the Novell iManager. In a corporate environment, the administrators can allow or prohibit all or part of this utility, depending on the organizational requirements.

For more information, see Installing Administrative Tools for eDirectory in the Novell SecureLogin 6.1 Installation Guide.

Personal Management utility

Users in the standalone mode. Users can configure the local workstation for the logged-in user. This utility has the same functionality as the Administrative Management utility, excluding some preference options, advanced settings, and secure settings distribution.

Administrators can disable the users from accessing this utility in a directory environment.

For more information, see Section 4.1, Personal Management Utility

Active Directory Users and Computers snap-in

Centrally in an Active Directory environment.

Using Microsoft Active Directory, Novell SecureLogin installs an administration tab in the Users and Computers Properties snap-in. This provides access to the administrative management utility functionality.

In a corporate environment you can allow or prohibit full or part access to this utility depending on organizational requirements.