4.0 Using ZENworks Remote Management with Novell Service Desk

Novell Service Desk 6.5.4 now allows you to remotely manage a device on the Service Desk Web console by using the ZENworks Control Center Remote Management capability. You can do the following:

To enable the Remote Management feature in ZENworks, you need to manually edit the system.properties file in the <NSD Install location>/webapps/LiveTime/WEB-INF/LiveTime.woa/Contents/Resources/ location. You also need to assign rights to the users who want to use the Remote Management feature.

To perform Remote Management operations in Novell Service Desk:

  1. Log in to the Novell Service Desk user interface through ZENworks.

    For more information, see Section 2.9, Logging in to the Novell Service Desk User Interface through ZENworks.

  2. In the ZENworks Tools panel, click Control. The Remote Control Panel appears.

  3. Select the required remote operation from Operations list.

  4. Click Download.

    The appropriate MSI files are downloaded for Windows devices, and RPMs are downloaded for Linux devices.

For more information on performing Remote Management operations, see the ZENworks 11 Remote Management Reference.