Novell Service Desk 6.2

March 09, 2011

1.0 Overview

This Readme file provides information about Novell Service Desk 6.2.

You can choose to import data from ZENworks 10.x or ZENworks 11 database in to Novell Service Desk. For more information see “CMDB Import” in the Administrator Guide.

For instructions on downloading and installing Novell Service Desk 6.2, see “Installing the Service Desk” in the Novell Service Desk 6.2 Installation Guide.

For instructions on upgrading to Novell Service Desk 6.2, see “Upgrading from Novell Service Desk 6.1 to 6.2” in the Novell Service Desk 6.2 Installation Guide.

For all other Novell Service Desk documentation, see the Novell Service Desk 6.2 documentation Web site .

2.0 Changes from the Previous Version

The following changes have been made:

2.1 Database Platform Support

  • The database schema has been changed to improve compatibility with Oracle databases.

2.2 Web Services

  • Various extensions have been made to the existing Web services to support the native iPhone client.

  • findIncident service no longer returns Change Requests.

  • getRequestDetail returns regardless of the Item criticality setting.

  • getNextStates has been added to ease Web service life-cycle management of requests.

  • getMyFilters has been added to allow retrieval of filters that the logged-in user could access.

  • getMyTaskCount can optionally take a filter ID to return the count for the passed filter.

  • getMyTasks can optionally take a filter ID to return the requests that match the passed filter.

2.3 Service Level Management

  • Requests no longer remain in uneditable states when Underpinning Contracts are used.

  • A new series of reports, Breach Information By Team, has been added for various processes.

2.4 Service Delivery

  • Closing the last Active Incident in an Incident Group that contains the Service Requests now cascade that closure through the linked Service Requests and close these requests.

  • Team edit restrictions have been eased to allow the request fields for workflow and team assignment to be edited by the technicians who enter requests until the Save button is clicked, at which point the team rules take over.

  • Request Queues have been optimized to deal with both Incidents and Service Requests.

  • Duplicate requests no longer inherit the status of the original request.

2.5 General

  • Service Category checkbox no longer deselects itself in response to certain user actions.

  • Notes no longer incorrectly mark themselves as sent to the customer when they are not sent at all.

  • The Users and Customers always appear in the appropriate lists, regardless of the default portal.

  • The Customer portal priority labels now reflect the values in the Technician portal.

  • The Request ID’s in reports from Oracle databases no longer display as decimals.

  • When a request is created, the Last action field is now set to the creation date.

  • Excel and PDF exports of Change Requests now use the correct date format.

  • Requests created by e-mail lists the original e-mail recipients in the audit trail.

  • The workflow diagrams correctly update when making changes.

  • The Open/Resolved by Technician report now covers all request types.

  • New line handling within e-mails has been optimized.

  • The rejected solutions are no longer retained.