6.1 Assigning a Managed Path to Existing Group-based or Container-based Storage

A managed path group home directory attribute is a directory attribute that is created by Novell Storage Manager when the eDirectory schema is extended. It is needed to associate a Group or container object with a managed path.

In this procedure, you assign a managed path group home directory attribute to a Group or container object that has existing collaborative storage and then assign the storage path. This path is then used in the collaborative storage policy that you create later.

  1. In NSMAdmin, click the Main tab.

  2. Click Management Action.

  3. Use the menu to replace User Mode with Group Mode or Container Mode.

  4. In the Targets region, click Add.

  5. Browse to locate and select the container or group you want to associate to a group storage area, then click Add.

  6. Click OK.

  7. Click Management Action > Assign Managed Path.

  8. Select the Explicit Assignment check box.

  9. Click Browse, then locate and select the group storage folder you want to manage through Novell Storage Manager.

  10. Verify that the Run in Check Mode check box is selected.

  11. Click Run.

  12. Deselect Run in Check Mode, then click Run.

  13. Observe in the bottom portion of the page that the managed path has been set.

  14. Continue with Section 6.2, Creating a Collaborative Storage Policy.