6.2 Creating a Collaborative Storage Policy

After you assign a managed path, the next step is to create a collaborative storage policy for the group or container in Step 5. The collaborative storage policy will apply to all existing users of the group or container, as well as any that are added at a later time.

  1. In NSMAdmin, click the Main tab.

  2. Click Policy Management.

  3. Select Manage Policies > Create Policy > Create Group Policy.

  4. Specify a descriptive name for the new policy and click OK.

  5. In the left panel, click Associations.

  6. At the top of the right pane, click Add and browse to select the group or container that you selected in Step 5.

  7. Click Add, then click OK.

  8. In the left panel, click Provisioning Options.

  9. In the Default Rights region, specify the rights that you want users in the specified group or container to have to the collaborative storage home folder.

    These rights are those that all members of the group or container will have to the folder.

  10. In the Policy-Defined Default Attributes region, select the Policy-Defined Default Attributes check box.

    This enables the Rename Inhibit and Delete Inhibit attributes—which in most cases you should leave selected.

  11. (Conditional) From the other attributes in this region, select any additional attributes you want to apply.

  12. In the left panel, select Target Paths, then click Add.

  13. Browse to select the folder you selected in Step 9.

  14. Click Add, then click OK.

  15. In the left panel, select Quota Options.

  16. In the Initial Quota region, select the Enabled check box and specify the amount of initial quota you want assigned to the collaborative storage folder.

  17. (Conditional) If you want to set specifications for a quota manager, select Enable Quota Manager / Quota Preservation for this policy and set quota maximums, increments, and managers.

  18. In the left pane, select Grooming Rules.

  19. Browse to select the folder where you want to vault the files that will be groomed.

    If the folder does not exist, you can right-click to create the folder.

  20. Click OK to save the vault path, then click Add.

  21. In the Grooming Rule Editor dialog box, indicate the files that Novell Storage Manager will groom from the collaborative storage pertaining to this policy.

    For information on each of the fields in this dialog box, refer to Section 5.4.9, Setting Grooming Rules.

  22. Click OK to save the grooming rule.

  23. Continue with Section 6.3, Performing Management Actions.