3.15 Sub-Meetings

A meeting can have only one main meeting, but it can contain many sub-meetings. Sub-meetings are private voice meetings that occur within an ongoing meeting. Participants in a sub-meeting cannot hear what is happening in the main meeting, or in any other sub-meeting.

You can use the phone keypad in sub-meetings if you need to navigate through the options of an auto-attendant when making a 1-to-1 call to start a sub-meeting. Sub-meetings have no effect on in-meeting chat or data/application sharing participation. See Phone Keypad User Interface for details on the phone keypad.

How to Start a Sub-Meeting

The most common way is to make a 1-to-1 call to another participant, which automatically puts you and the called party in a new sub-meeting.

Moderators can also right-click a participant (including themselves) and select the Move Selected to New Sub-meeting menu item.

Figure 3-16 Starting a Sub-Meeting Menu Item

Meeting right-click menu