2.1 Logging in as a Liferay Site Manager

You need to log in using an administrator account in order to set up Novell Teaming for your users.

2.1.1 Logging in with the Administrator Account:

  1. Type your company’s fully qualified hostname for Novell Teaming into the browser window and press Enter.

    For example,


    The Sign In page appears.

  2. In the Login field, type:

  3. In the Password field, type:

  4. Click Login.

    The Novell Teaming Home Page appears. You are now logged in as administrator.

    NOTE:You need to change this password as part of the initial login.

The Liferay portal management links are in the upper right corner of the page below the Welcome Mary Admin! text. This is the name associated with the default administration account (administrator). When the name appears in the upper right corner, you are logged into the system. (You can change the name Mary Admin by modifying the user profile for the administration account.)

When you begin managing Novell Teaming, there are only two management levels: site managers (who manage the server machine) and portal managers.

By default, administrator is the only member of the Administrators group for the Liferay portal Administrators group. Members of the Administrators group have the right to perform portal management tasks. If you choose, you can add other members to this group, so that they can help manage the portal.

2.1.2 Adding the Teaming Administration Portlet to Your Home Page

The Teaming Administration portlet is designed to provide you with a maximum amount of flexibility when managing resources for your teams.

You access the Novell Teaming management options via the Teaming Administration portlet.

To add the Teaming Administration portlet to your Teaming home page:

  1. Click Add Content in the upper right corner.

  2. In the portlet access frame that appears in the upper left corner, click Teaming to view the available Teaming portlets that you can add.

    Add content
  3. Click the Add button next toTeaming Administration to add this portlet to your Teaming home page.

The Teaming Administration portlet provides you with access to all the administration tasks controlled by the Novell Teaming software.

NOTE:Because Novell Teaming is embedded within Liferay, a portion of user management is delegated to Liferay. For example, Liferay is responsible for all user authentications using the Enterprise Admin portlet.