9.6 Managing RSS Feeds

By default, Teaming users can set up RSS feeds in folders on the Teaming site, as described in Viewing Teaming Folders as RSS Feeds in Getting Informed in the Novell Teaming 2.0 User Guide.

After planning the RSS settings, complete the planning process for additional Advanced installation features as needed, then perform the Advanced installation as described in Section 10.0, Performing an Advanced Teaming Installation.

9.6.1 Configuring RSS Feeds

The following aspects of RSS functionality on your Novell Teaming site are configurable:

  • Max elapsed days: By default, items from RSS feeds are retained on the Teaming site for 31 days. You can decrease the number of days to reduce the amount of disk space occupied by the RSS files.

  • Max inactive days: By default, if no one on the Teaming site accesses an RSS feed for 7 days, the feed is no longer updated. Increase or decrease the retention time for inactive feeds to meet the needs of Teaming users and disk space considerations.


Under RSS Configuration, specify the number of days that meet the needs of your Teaming site.

9.6.2 Disabling RSS Feeds

Some administrators consider RSS feeds to be a security risk because the RSS feed URL includes username and password information. If you do not want Novell Teaming site users to be able to subscribe to RSS feeds from the Teaming site, you can disable this feature.


Under RSS Configuration, mark No.