9.8 Configuring Single Sign-On with Novell Access Manager

Novell Access Manager provides secure single sign-on access to your Novell Teaming site by functioning as a reverse proxy server. Access Manager 3.1 SP1 IR1 is required for use with Novell Teaming. You can download the required version of Access Manager from Novell Downloads.

For background information about setting up Novell Access Manager 3.1, see the Access Manager 3.1 Documentation Web site. For instructions specific to Teaming, see Configuring a Protected Resource for a Novell Teaming 2.0 Server. These instructions are based on the Linux text-based Teaming Installation program, as described in Using the Text-Based Installation Program. They can easily be adapted for running the Linux GUI Teaming Installation program, as described in Using the GUI Installation Program, or when installing on Windows, as described in Section 4.2.2, Running the Windows Teaming Installation Program.

After you have configured Novell Access Manager, you must configure your Teaming site with the IP address of one or more Access Gateway servers and with the logout URL. When you configure the Teaming site to use the Access Gateway, the IP addresses that you specify are the only locations from which the Teaming site accepts logins. The logout URL is the location where users find themselves when they log out of the Teaming site.

When you enable the Access Gateway for use with your Teaming site, all Teaming users must log in through the Access Gateway. It is not possible to set up the Teaming site so that some users log in through the Access Gateway and some do not.


Under Reverse Proxy Configuration, list one or more IP addresses of Access Gateway servers that have been configured for use by Teaming. List the logout URL, and if necessary, the Access Gateway hostname for WebDAV connections.

Complete the planning process for additional Advanced installation features as needed, then perform the Advanced installation as described in Section 10.0, Performing an Advanced Teaming Installation.