A.1 New User Interface

The user interface for Teaming 2.0 has been significantly redesigned.

A.1.1 Navigation Toolbar

Teaming 2.0 contains a Navigation toolbar that includes location identifiers, search tools, quick access lists, and tree navigation.

For more information, see Section 3.0, Navigating the Teaming Interface.

A.1.2 Sidebar

You can accomplish the following tasks by using the Teaming sidebar:

  • Track workspaces, folders, and people

  • Share a workspace or folder

  • View recent places

  • View the workspace or folder where you currently are, and any sub-workspaces or sub-folders, in the workspace tree

  • View, manage, and send e-mail to your teams

  • Tag a workspace or folder

  • Change your personal preferences, such as the way entries are displayed, the default folder editor, and more

  • Send an e-mail

  • Access the Teaming clipboard

A.1.3 Main Content Area

The main content area of the Teaming interface displays the contents of folders, entries, and comments. It also displays workspace landing pages, search results, the home page of your personal workspace, and other content.

A.1.4 Video Tutorials

The Teaming video tutorials explain how to use important features in the new Teaming interface. You can access them from the Video Tutorials section on the home page of your personal workspace.

For more information on the Teaming video tutorials, see Section 1.2, Watching the Teaming Video Tutorials.